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10 Common Fears That Stop You From Traveling Solo

Reviewed By BPP / 29 Mar 2018

This guest column features Kristin Addis who specialises on female solo travel. The post aims to inspire other females to overcome some of the common fears that keep them from taking the plunge into the world of travel. The main concern regarding female solo travel is safety. Kristin stresses the adaptability of people throughout the post. Researching beforehand, observing local customs and being alert at all times is not only the best way to stay safe on the road but also applies at home. The fear of disapproval from family and friends, although reflect concern for safety, can also be dealt with through some of the advice Kristin has given. Moreover, she points out that naysayers are to be encountered everywhere and it is important to choose whose opinions matter the most. Similarly, there are other things that are inevitable both at home and on the road. Boredom, loneliness, nostalgia etc. are emotions one deals with frequently. This also applies while traveling. But on the bright side, going out of one’s comfort zone while traveling opens up a myriad of opportunities to meet new people and experiencing a new activity every day. At the end of the day, Kristin does not guarantee that everyone’s experience of solo travel will be without a hitch. However, each experience will prove to be enriching. Whether the trip lasts a few days or a few months, the important message is not to let fear of the unknown be a factor that prevents solo females from traveling.

Review Rationale

Kristin Addis provides inspiration to female solo travel aspirants by listing the fears they probably go through, and how to tackle them. Some of the points seem a tad repetitive, although Kristin has managed to give a comprehensive account with appropriate links for further research.



Kristin Addis

British sculptor and photographer creating underwater installations that help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems, while encouraging environmental awareness of our oceans.


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