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5 Wonderful Things I Can’t Imagine Travelling Without

Reviewed By BPP / 02 Apr 2018

Packing before traveling seems to be more like a ritual for Rachel Jones now. She packs a lot of things in the regular notion of what shall be taken along and what not but here in this blog she points out 5 typical things needed to travel, which are not supposed to be avoided at any cost. The first thing she has to take along is Kindle, which is a must for those who are mostly on wheels and love to read real books. So, if one wants to take all the favorite novels or books along, Kindle is the right thing. The next must-have things while on travel are the earphones or headphones. The blogger quotes that she just can’t go along anywhere around without her headphones. In terms of wardrobe, she recommends the carry-over of some good lightweight breezy dresses which one can wear with the ease of comfort; for which she mostly prefers to shop on FREE PEOPLE which has some crazy sales, always on. Sunglasses are a must have to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and dust poking the eyeballs while traveling. Presently she owns a Clubmaster Ray-bans, she prefers Le Specs or mirrored. Then a good footwear is a must-have while on wheels. Then, she suggests having back sol Sana Sandals which have been durable and comfortable enough.

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The blog caters well to those who seek some good travel advice on what to carry along. The pictures along the blog are relatable to the blog and add to its appeal. The blog is informative for a reader.



Rachel Jones

British sculptor and photographer creating underwater installations that help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems, while encouraging environmental awareness of our oceans.


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