Backpacker Panda |Smartphones, Tablets, Or Laptops: What Is Best For Travelers?

Smartphones, Tablets, Or Laptops: What Is Best For Travelers?

Reviewed By BPP / 03 Apr 2018

Dave Dean writes a guest column about the best option for travel when it comes to the choice between laptops, smartphones, and tablets. While all of them have their own pros and cons, which Dave has listed in a concise manner, it can be understood from the final verdict that the “best” device depends on the requirements of the traveler. While smartphones and tablets are recommended for most casual travelers, as they have multiple features for utilitarian and entertainment purposes, these devices do not have keyboards. Therefore, for those travelers who work online, the convenience of typing on a keyboard will most possibly outweigh the cons that it has on the tablets and smartphones which are lighter and smaller to carry.

Review Rationale

Dave Dean has made comprehensive lists of both pros and cons for each type of device. While there are some features that may be available on the smartphone or tablet, the laptops offer its own set of benefits. Lastly, it is safe to assume that the smartphone and tablets are recommended for casual travelers and laptops for those who have more extensive work on their device.



Dave Dean

British sculptor and photographer creating underwater installations that help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems, while encouraging environmental awareness of our oceans.


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