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Why Solo Female Travel Is Different

Reviewed By BPP / 03 Apr 2018

There are many similarities in the experiences of solo backpackers regardless of their gender. There are, however, additional dangers and threats that a woman may face on the road. Kristin talks about these threats while also giving various tips to overcome and avoid trouble. The cultural differences between the Western world and other foreign countries have been highlighted in the blog post, although Kristin makes sure not to stereotype the outside world as a dangerous place. She has been frequently posed with questions regarding her marital status due to her age, which many cultures assume to be an age at which women are already married with children. Her choice of travelling solo and not settling seems quite shocking to these parts. Moreover, although the Western world allows a degree of autonomy to women, she still deems her own hometown in LA to be dangerous. In other parts of the world, she also experienced the dangers of sexual assault and being chastised due to her choice of clothing. In order to avoid such experiences, her advice to is to thoroughly research a destination, find out what type of clothes are socially acceptable, trust one’s gut instinct and take a few precautions which she vows to share in following posts.

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Although male and female solo travelers share a lot of the same experiences, Kristin has been accurately able to point out some of the additional threats to women. However, instead of putting fear into the hearts of readers, she encourages others to travel solo as it is a truly rewarding experience when the right precautions are taken.



Kristin Addis

British sculptor and photographer creating underwater installations that help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems, while encouraging environmental awareness of our oceans.


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