Backpacker Hostels FAQs


About ‘Independent Backpacking Hostel Network’ (“IBHN”)?

IBHN is a federation for the hostels and not just a booking channel. IBHN will leverage you for improved technological implementation, quality, guest interaction, volunteer programs and visibility.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a quality budget accommodation offering a friendly environment. It is a perfect way to get to explore a country and meet people from around the world while using the communal facilities such as kitchen, social lounge area and bar. Hostels offer a wide range of options including shared rooms (either singles sex or mixed) and private rooms.

Are Backpacker Panda and IBHN different?

Backpacker Panda is a digital platform for IBHN to create visibility for the hostels and empower the hostels with technological advances promptly and efficiently to stay ahead of the curve. The platform has been created to provide an advantage to the associating hostels to interact with the global community, educate the travelers and improve the eco-system to create a better modern society.

Can any hostel list for IBHN?

There are multiple ways to list as an IBHN. A hostel must achieve the quality standards prescribed by IBHN and continue to improve as updated. Typically IBHN accepts a limited number of hostels per city or town to avoid network competition. Hostels may apply by writing to for them to be a part of IBHN.

What are the IBHN assured quality standards?

The assured quality standards set out the level of welcome, comfort, cleanliness, security, privacy, facilities and technology adoption. These standards are reflected in the ‘Handbooks’ provided to the network hostels. They focus on hostel management and operations by virtue of ‘best practice’ from quality systems around the world and tailors them to the specific needs of the modern day hostels.

What type of facilities can I expect to find at the hostel?

Common facilities such as common room, wifi, self-kitchenette, city map, bar, restaurant, library, games and laundry facility are quite common for the hostel. Additionally, services such as group activities, tours, discounts and of course the advice of local staff can be found at the hostel. For specific facilities visit the hostel page on .

Who can stay at the hostel?

IBHN welcomes everyone regardless of race, nationality, color, religion, sex or political opinion. For kids below minimum age and for families, please look at the hostel specific rules. For long-term stays or large group reservations, please direct the request to .

Do age limit exists at the hostels?

Hostels are open to everyone. Minimum age limit may exist in certain hostels. Please check the information page of the hostel on There should be no upper limit to stay at the hostel.

Do hostels organise trips and activities?

Hostels have a wealth of information and local knowledge to make your visit to the city exciting. Many hostels organise a wide range of trips and activities themselves or through partnerships. If you want something to be organised you may check with the hostel for it. Generally, you will find that IBHN hostel staffs are co-operative with your requests.

Can I bring my pet when I stay at a hostel?

Pets are welcome in some hostels. Please check with the hostel or call us before making the booking.

What type of facilities are provided for wheelchair users?

Many hostels have adopted the need for wheelchair users. We recommend you to get in touch with the hostel before making the booking as many hostel structures may not support easy access for the wheelchair.

What about safety and security?

Guest safety and security is our primary concern. Majority of the hostels will have lockers or safes in the rooms where your belongings could be kept. Some hostels may require you to have your own padlock or hire/purchase one from the reception.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are not always permitted at the hostels due to hygiene regulations. Bed linen would usually be provided by the hostels.

Can I use Backpacker Panda as my hostel name as an owner/partner to IBHN?

The use of the name 'Backpacker Panda' as a hostel name is permitted only upon IBHN approval. Additional terms and conditions will apply. Please write to for specific requirements.

How are group reservations treated?

Group reservations are welcomed in most of the hostels. Typically, the full amount is requested at the time of booking. Cancellation policy for group bookings may differ from the regular cancellation policy of the hostel. Booking of four or more people qualifies as a group booking.

Do you have a volunteer hiring program?

Volunteer program launched from hostel to hostel as requested by the hostel.

What support is provided for hiring staff?

In addition to listing the hiring requirements, staff training manual, videos and analytical reports are provided to improve the staff efficiency.

Can I retain my current hostel rules and regulations?

Yes, hostels can maintain their own rules and regulations and facilities. Any updates or changes must be updated with the IBHN via email . IBHN focuses on management and operations efficiency to achieve assured quality standards.

What is the monthly network fees for?

Monthly network fees as participation fees is critical to the sustained development of IBHN and its effort in creating visibility amoungst youth, improving technology, customer support and most importantly creating means of interconnecting with other network hostels. Network fees may change for different countries.

Is there a limit on the number of Hostels per city/town?

IBHN has limited the number of hostels that can be part of IBHN in each city.